Back in the Saddle Again

It has been a long hard winter. However, I am back in the saddle again. I’ll be releasing new Liquid Silver books soon. After that, I will put together a list. I’ll write more later. Tali


Liquid Silver

I have always wanted to create a world all my own. I grew up on GI Joe and Marvel comics. I loved X-Men and dreamed of fighting evil when I grew up to be a super hero. That is part of why I am creating the universe where my Liquid Silver Tales will take place. I will also be tying some of my other series into the same universe. Some may happen in different times, but I want to create a world where the reader already has a knowledge of what is going on in this universe. I have been inspired by Star Wars and by Evangeline Anderson. I only hope that my world will be a place you want to go, and if you are a writer, a place you want to write inside of for yourself. I will be putting down information about my new universe in the final posts for this year. I hope you enjoy!

Let Get Together….

Do you want your book reviewed? Do you need a second set of eyes before you put it all on the line? Do you need to know how or where to publish? Why not let me help you. I may be just starting but that works in your favor. We can work out a trade or a set price. I have the experience and the know how, lets help each other out. Contact me at for more details. Label your email what you are looking for…i.e. reviews, trade, editing, help publishing and so on. That way I won’t miss it in the spam if it gets sent there first. Pass it around!

Getting to work

Sorry I have been out for a while. An injury had me down. I thought I would breeze through it, but I was down longer than I thought. I wanted to let everyone know my new series, Liquid Silver Tales, has released it’s first book. I will be putting out more soon. I will also be finishing up my other series’ just as fast as I can type. Help support me and read what I already have. All my work is free on Kindle Unlimited. It would make a great Christmas gift!

Liquid Silver

As soon as I get it back from my editor I will be putting up a new short story. It will be a first story in my Sci Fi series Liquid Silver. I think you will love the short, but entertaining stories that I will be weaving around the same town. This series is one that I hope to invite other writers into. I would love to see other writers perspective on the little town that I am creating. So if you are a sci fi, erotica or a romance writer and you would like to write for this series. Let me know. I will have the book up as soon as possible. Happy Reading!!

Falling Behind

So sorry I’ve been falling behind. I have an old injury to my wrist that I hurt in a minor car accident last week. I am pulling up my Dragon software and getting busy. I will have something new out this month even if it’s a short one! Thanks so much to all my new followers. Check out what I already have on!

What I like to read…

So today I thought I would write about what I like to read. I love to read Evangeline Anderson. I am in love with her Kindred series and just finished her latest, Cursed. I also love Lauranne Dohner and Lora Leigh. I have also recently found a wonderful author Madison Stephens. Her Luna Lodge series is a favorite of mine! I hope to put up some book reviews soon and I think I will take a look at one of these authors. I would really love to review something that I enjoy reading. What do you enjoy reading?

Book Link is Now Available!!!

Okay so there is now a direct book link available on my page. No pictures yet, sorry I’m still learning, but if you go to the bottom of my page, click on MY BOOKS and you will see a list of all my books. I will add other links and improve things as I learn more. If you are considering buying one of my books this would be a great way to get there without searching! I’m back to writing now, after many life interruptions. I will post a schedule when I have more work done. Thanks for reading!!!! I’ll keep writing!!!!!

Sorry & Happy Halloween

Well it looks like I’m not going to get Alpha’s 2 out this month. I’ll make up for it next month, promise. It will be worth the wait. I want to make this one closer to 10 – 12 k and I want to get things right. I am still looking into the book reviews idea. So hit me up here or at if you have any thoughts. I have several in mind that I would like to review. I will give you a heads up when I get started.

On a happy note, what are you dressing up as? I’m going dressed up in an 80’s outfit. I put puff paint on an over-sized t-shirt and I’m going to do my bangs up really high 🙂 Tell me what you’re wearing!

Starting a Book Review Post

I have decided to start a book review post. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to run this, but I’m open to advice. I need to look into the legalities of doing reviews on books that I have not contacted the author, so I can get started. Or do I have to contact the author? These are the things I need answered. If you have a review or any knowledge all help is appreciated!!
Also if you would like to let me review your book, hit me up on my email. We’ll work something out. I think this is going to be a lot of fun!!!